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After a night with his fiancée at Crown Casino in Melbourne, Mark Brody is detained by police early morning. Learning of his charge - that of his fiancée’s rape and premeditated murder his immediate thoughts race to Ying - full of spirit vivacious just hours ago - as if conjuring Ying’s essence in such detail would somehow bring her back by sheer force of will. Quickly, denial and grief turn to acceptance of his fiancée’s fate as he’s forced to confront to the cold facts of his own plight. Evidence is revealed and systematically stacked against him - evidence that’s clearly out of place… Trained as a soldier to fight for his life when facing overwhelming odds, Mark’s instincts turn to prove his innocence and uncovering the truth - but not from a jail cell… Unknown by Mark are the forces against him and depth of the conspiracy that must be trawled into the stark light before he can revenge his fiancée and clear his name. Forces that would kidnap his daughter to pressure him into taking the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. Together, with the help of his closest friends, they must race to rescue Mark’s daughter and uncover the truth while on the run from the law. His friends don’t know that helping Mark will evolve into a life-or-death struggle. What was Ying involved in? Who is the real enemy and what are their real objectives?

Larken’s thriller is full of action, deception and unexpected twists.

Book no.1
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